Expert stump grinding Services in Sydney & Expert stump grinding services

If you’ve had one or more trees removed from your garden or business premises, then it’s important to ensure that the stump of the tree is also taken away. Once the tree has been felled, the remaining stump needs to be uprooted and this is a hazardous job best left to the professionals.

With more than 15 years’ experience in the arborist trade, Atlas Tree Services has the skills and knowledge to tackle any type of tree stump. We can safely remove the stump for your convenience using our stump grinding equipment. You can then decide whether you want to keep the resulting mulch, have us spread it or take it away, as well as deciding what to do with the remaining hole.

Affordable stump grinding services
With all this in mind, it’s best to have everything taken care of together. So, if you’re getting a tree removed, we can complete the job and take out the stump as well. Our team works quickly and efficiently for our customers’ convenience so you can always rely on us to do a fantastic job.

With competitive prices guaranteed, as well as great attention to detail, if you’re looking for stump removal services all Sydney Suburbs we’re the best choice.

Why is it important to get stumps removed?

If a stump is left in the ground, it can not only spoil the appearance of your garden and create a hazard, but it can also attract unwanted pests such as white ants and termites. The stump is also likely to rot away and if the tree was diseased to begin with, then it could affect the health of nearby plants

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