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Here at Atlas Tree Services, we provide expert pruning services to both commercial and domestic customers across all Sydney suburbs. With years of experience within the trade, we guarantee a professional finish on everything from trees to hedges, and all for a very competitive price.

Using their expert skills and knowledge, our team can transform your outdoor space into a more desirable area, which will not only look better, but will also aid healthy plant growth.

Left unpruned, trees and hedges can become a real nuisance and can inhibit the growth of other plants by blocking sunlight. They can get in the way and create mess, or ultimately, take over the garden. At Atlas Tree Services, we’re used to handling all types of pruning issues, so if you need any help in this area, then just call the experts!

Why do should prune my garden?

  • Clear pathways or driveways
  • Prevent debris from blocking gutters
  • Shape your hedges and trees for a tidier look
  • Give your plants space to grow

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